Mentoring the Future


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Welcome to Khandekar's Academy!

We are a coaching institute that seeks to provide a genuine education for students in grades 8, 9, and 10 - both Gujarat and Central boards. We teach all major subjects - Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Hindi, Gujarati, and Sanskrit.

The idea is to tap the talent and innate curiosity of the students to help them understand and process the information contained in their books and immediate environs. We do help our students score high in their school exams, but we want them to succeed in all of life's exams as well. Providing a genuine education, we hope, will bring such success to our beloved students. 

That is the cornerstone of our principles and our educational mission. This website is intended to reach out to both parents and students who need quality coaching during the formative years. 

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Give your son/daughter the competitive edge and the tools to prepare for exams.

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Let your ward experience education the way it should be delivered. 

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We train students in 

not just the subjects but also 

essential and relevant skills.