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Khandekar's Academy is dedicated to providing the finest education possible to its students. 

We believe in creating environs conducive to inspired learning.

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Rarely does a professional institution take such a fresh approach to delivering education. And these are not our words. These are words our students have written for us, which you can look up in the Student Speak section of this website. 

Clear explanation, concept-based teaching, and inculcation of the best learning habits are the highlights of education at Khandekar's Academy. 

Khandekar's Academy makes studies enjoyable! We believe that if we can get our students to enjoy their studies, we will have done our bit. Our students discover the joys of reading, writing, and using language and concepts meaningfully. This confidence brings smiles to their beaming faces during class. And it is also this confidence that helps them do well in exams - both academic and in life.

We want our students to become good and great individuals and enjoy their lives in the most meaningful manner. 

To that end, we spare no efforts in training, disciplining, and guiding them. 

Come discover the joy of education! 

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