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Khandekar's Academy Spoken English Course

The course in May!

The Khandekar's Academy Spoken English (KASE) course is a regular feature of our distinguished academy.
We seek to help students speak better and express themselves more accurately in English.
The course is conducted by Nikhil Khandekar.

StudentSpeak 2015


Students of the KASE course laid down their feelings about the course and were generous in their praise. On our part, we have once again tried to contribute something real and valuable to their lives.

The students' feelings and words are generally retained in the same words that they were received in.

We promise we will keep up the good work!




Shivam Chauhan, Std. X


The Spoken English course at Khandekar's Academy, in May 2015, has helped me greatly improve my vocabulary. It also helped me a lot in cultivating the reading habit. During the course, I received several useful tips on using English in speech. In addition to details such as diphthongs and the phonetic alphabet, I also received the confidence to speak in English. Nikhil Sir's Spoken English course is unique because it offers so much in such a short period of time. I was given topics to talk on in front of the other students.


I benefitted greatly from the career counselling provided by Nikhil Sir. He also had some interesting videos to show to the class, wherein native speakers of English were conversing or talking on a topic. Nikhil Sir also conducted a mock interview that was very useful for us all – it taught us how to face an interview panel with confidence.


Nikhil Sir once said to me, “Books are our best friends and they help anyone in any damn situation!” How true! I have greatly enjoyed this course and received a great deal through it. I'll recommend it to any student serious about learning to speak in English and creating a career.



Aarohi Jadhav, Std. XII


I have given my 12th std examination in the month of March. After that we have vacation for 3 months. For these 3 months, we cannot just do time pass and waste our time.


So in May, I joined Spoken English classes at Khandekar's Academy. From every Monday to Friday, we go to class for one hour.


I think that after joining this class my vocabulary has improved. I got confidence to speak in front of people in English language.


Our Nikhil Sir told us to read good and interesting books. The best thing which I started after joining this class is reading. Before that I felt that reading was boring, but now I enjoy reading books and that will help me very much in future.


Only 1 month is a very short period, but we learnt many helpful things in this period.


I am very happy and satisfied by joining these classes.



Yash Pancholi, Std. XI, CBSE (KA student who scored 93% in Std. X final)


I wasn’t good at speaking fluently, and my vocabulary was also not very good. But our teacher, Nikhil Sir, gave us some nice tips, and by working on those tips we were really able to see a change in the way we spoke in English. We had some great activities that helped us acquire confidence.


At last, I have seen some change in my English, and I am going to really miss this course!


Anurag Shinde, Std. X


I was very excited to know that Nikhil Sir would be conducting a course in spoken English. In 31 days, he gave us hundreds of tips and suggestions to improve our English. He also provided books that we took home to read, so we could improve our reading skills. Books help us get success in each and every situation in life.


I was able to greatly improve my pronunciation. I was amazed to find out all the subtle differences between American and British English. If this course is available again next year, I will certainly attend it.



Krutarth Jani, Std. X


On the first day of the course, our Sir asked us to introduce ourselves in English. Over the several classes, we were given the confidence and practice to sharpen our English skills. Talking to classmates in English, reading English novels and short stories, and talking in English with Sir himself were the activities that were very useful.


By studying English, I loved this subject and it is the first subject in my favourite subject list. I wish I could learn more from my Sir. I am thankful to Nikhil Sir that I learned from him. I hope I learn once more in the next Spoken English course.



Shivam Shedge, Std. X


On the first day, Sir asked us to introduce ourselves and say something about our interests. On the second day, I had the opportunity to speak about myself and make some new friends! Then, Sir gave us a discussion on 'Why it is Necessary to Speak Fluently in English'. On the third day, Sir divided the class into groups and asked us to prepare scripts for a conversation. He also asked us to find information on 'Facts about the English Language'.


When the last two days of the course came, we were speaking in front of all the other students and that helped me to develop reading habit and increased my vocabulary power. I enjoyed reading the books Sir selected for us. There were story books, comics, books by great authors, general knowledge books and so on. Sir also conducted a mock interview and gave information about how to face an interview. I enjoyed this course very much.



Harshil Jadhav, Std. X


I have passed my 9th std. examination. I noticed that my English marks were very less compared to other subject marks. My mother advised me to join the Spoken English course at Khandekar's Academy in Rajstambh Society, Vadodara.


Our classes were taken by our English Sir, Mr. Nikhil Khandekar. We were amazed to see his fluency in English language. By attending these sessions, I tried to speak in English which helped me to build up my vocabulary. Various activities like conversation activity, descriptive paragraph, mock interview etc were carried out in these classes. We all enjoyed these sessions very much. He also asked us about our hobbies and we also saw movies and videos regarding grammar. I hope these classes last forever ...

Raj Gandhi, Std. X


Our spoken English course was 5 days in a week. I have joined it because I am weak in vocabulary and weak in speaking. Slowly slowly I learn English very well. I wrote my own poem called Ganga. Sir gave us opportunity to speak in front of class.


I felt very much good by going to the spoken English course. I learn to speak English and started reading book.