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Here's what our students say about us


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Standard IX - 2013 batch


Heetakshi A. Neema, Std. 9: I feel so much better after joining Khandekar’s Academy. Pradnya Ma’m, Nikhil Sir, Rohini Ma’m, and Rekha Ma’m are great teachers. After joining this class, my Sanskrit improved greatly. My overall results have improved greatly after joining this class. Learning is great fun here.

Gururaj D. Falnikar, Std. 9: I realize that when I was in another class, my percentage was very low. But when I came to this class, it increased. I like the teaching of Nikhil Sir very much. He is very good in world history, and goes deep into the subject. I think Khandekar’s Academy is the world’s best class.


Rishi, Std. 9: I failed in the 8th standard, and then I came to Khandekar’s Academy in 9th. When the result for the first semester came, I had passed fully. Pradnya Ma’m takes our orals and makes studying good fun. Rohini Ma’m takes Sanskrit and is very good in English as well. Nikhil Sir takes Social Studies. He takes lot of time in explaining S.S. lessons.


Kundan, Std. 9: Sanskrit was a hard subject for me, but after coming to Khandekar’s Academy, it is now the easiest subject. There are some strict rules and regulations in this class, but we are able to study properly after following the rules in this class. In my previous class, more information was not given. Here, studying is good fun. All teachers at this class are very good.


Rahul Sharma, Std. 9: Khandekar’s Academy is a place which won’t be forgotten by me in my entire life. 


Rooms² + blackboard + white board + Nataraja statue + Shakespeare frame + Goddess Saraswati frame + some benches + my friends + fun = Khandekar’s classes.


I came to this class because of my sister. I am grateful to my sister for sending me this class. I have met some awesome personalities over here. Pradnya Ma’m is very strict, but she helps a lot. A big thank you to all teachers at Khandekar’s Academy!


Rutvik Sodani, Std. 9: In this class, I improved a lot. Those who come to this class will improve a lot. They will also enjoy studies and get more knowledge. They will also get much better grades. What can I say? This class is excellent!


Raj Patel, Std. 9: I have learnt many important things at Khandekar’s Academy. All the teachers - Rohini madam, Pradnya madam, Rekha madam, and Nikhil Sir are excellent teachers. My favorite is Nikhil Sir. When he taught us the lessons in S.S., I came to know about a lot of things. I have a great experience of Khandekar’s Academy.


Uditanshu T. Marathe, Std. 9: I got interested in Maths after joining Khandekar’s Academy. There has been a lot of improvement in Maths for me. My knowledge of grammar has also increased. Rohini madam is a master in grammar. Sir is master in History and the wars of the world.


Het S. Pathak, Std. 9: Due to Khandekar’s Academy, there has been a lot of improvement in my behavior. My interest in Maths has greatly developed. I was taught easy tricks for solving mathematical problems. I have developed myself greatly after joining this institute.


Arjun Moghe, Std. 9: What do I tell about this class? This place is a magical place. I got many chances to improve after coming to this class. Firstly, and most importantly, I got an interest in Mathematics, which was the worst subject for me earlier. Pradnya madam is a nice teacher. She is always worried about our concepts in Maths.


Jay Patel, Std. 9: In this class, my experience is much better than other classes. First, my grades were low, but after coming to Khandekar’s, my grades improved very much. So this class proved to be lucky for me. I also enjoyed the picnic a lot, as madam and Nikhil Sir are very friendly. 


Kruti P. Bhatt, Std. 9: Before I came to Khandekar’s classes, I hated grammar, SS, Maths, and Science. After coming here, I came to know a lot of different and interesting things. I now love grammar, SS, Maths, and Science. All teachers at Khandekar’s are very good in their subjects.


Bhakti A. Bhadsawle, Std. 9: Khandekar classes are excellent classes. Within a year I saw improvement in my marks and subjects. Here, daily or weekly tests are held. We are given 3-4 answers to learn on a daily basis, so this system is very useful for us. My favorite teacher is Pradnya madam. 



Standard X - 2013 batch


Aditya R. Bapat, Std. 10: Khandekar classes are my inspiration. Our Maths-Science teacher, Pradnya madam, teaches us in such a way that half of our studies are completed in the class only. English and Sanskrit teacher, Rohini madam, becomes strict sometimes, but it is for our benefit. It seems as if they are teaching their own children. Our Economics teacher, Nikhil Sir, goes very deep into particular topics. He does everything possible to provide a real education. Khandekar’s Academy has really benefitted me.


Sarthak, Std. 10: Khandekar classes have highly skilled teachers - Nikhil Sir, Pradnya Ma’m, Rohini Ma’m, and Rekha Ma’m. We get extra knowledge in this class. I will advise all my junior friends to join Khandekar’s classes, which is like a heaven on earth for education. 


Shachee Desai, Std. 10: In my opinion, Khandekar’s Academy is really helpful for students in Std. 10. Not only is it educational, it is also great fun. Even though Pradnya ma’m scolds us a lot, it is really very easy to understand her teaching for Maths and Science. Rohini ma’m takes up each Sanskrit chapter word per word and pays plenty of attention to grammar. Rekha ma’m teaches Gujarati and Hindi with a lot of dedication. Nikhil Sir takes up the economics portion of SS - he explains with a lot of details and his teachings are easy to recall during exams.


Saukhyada More, Std. 10: In Khandekar’s Academy, the teachers have always educated students very nicely. I, Saukhyada More, enjoyed my two years of standards 9th and 10th at this institution. The teachers dedicated themselves completely to making us understand the books as well as the conduct in class, behavior, and so on. Rohini madam and Rekha madam’s classes were enjoyable every time. Nikhil Sir gave us knowledge of India, our developing country, and changed our views. Pradnya Ma’m also cleared all our concepts in our main subjects. The enjoyable learning and our improved results were a very pleasant change! Thank you, parents, for sending us to Khandekar’s Academy! Thank you teachers, for all you have done for us.


Priyanka, Std. 10: Khandekar’s Academy is the best academy. Rohini ma’m is the best teacher. She teaches us English and Sanskrit very well. Pradnya Ma’m teaches us how to do Maths sums in the easiest and simplest way. Nikhil Sir gives us deep knowledge about our society and clears all our SS concepts. I like Rohini Ma’m very much!


Vishakha, Std. 10: Khandekar’s Academy has been going on for many years. The teachers are too good. They teach with detailed understanding and great patience. Sir taught us Economics very well, giving examples. Grammar teaching for English, Gujarati and Sanskrit is also great. I have greatly enjoyed the last 2 years in this academy. The picnic is also very well organized every year and we have some great memories of it! I will always miss this class.


Kenny, Std. 10: I experienced best teaching at Khandekar’s Academy. Rohini Ma’m is my favorite teacher! She clears the concepts in grammar in both English and Sanskrit. Pradnya ma’m is a very good teacher of Maths and Science. Nikhil Sir explains every topic in Economics in great detail. This coaching class is better than any other for scoring good marks in exams.


Hinal, Std. 10: Khandekar’s Academy has provided us that skill and knowledge with which we can learn things easily. The teachers use easy language while teaching. My favorite is Rohini Ma’m, who teaches us English and Sanskrit. She knows a lot of grammar and has lot of other knowledge as well.


Swapna S. Agashe, Std. 10: I am glad to say I have been studying at Khandekar’s Academy since Std. 8. All ma’ms and sir are very nice and helpful. I like all the teachers very much. I like Pradnya Ma’m a lot because she takes responsibility and helps every student who has a difficulty in any subject. I like all my teachers very much.


Meghna Desai, Std. 10: The teaching at Khandekar’s Academy is great and creates bright future for students. The institute is great because there is disciplined learning and teaching, picnic, and also a lot of enjoyment. Every teacher is nice and kind and loving and I have some great memories of studying at the one and only Khandekar’s Academy.


Viraj Loke, Std. 10: At Khandekar’s Academy, we understand everything very easily. The teachers at this tuition class are very good at explaining all the subjects. Every topic is covered in detail and every student’s needs are considered in this educational institute.


Sanjana Mande, Std. 10: Joining this institute had a great effect on my results. I feel very comfortable with all the teachers here. All the teachers here are experts in their subjects and make learning easy and fun. I am glad and proud to be a part of Khandekar’s classes.


Shraddha Itola, Std. 10: I have been studying in this academy for the last 2 years and it has been a wonderful experience! The teachers are kind and very good in their subjects. I like the way they teach us at Khandekar’s academy.


Mitali Rathod, Std. 10: Khandekar’s institute of education brightened my future. It has taught me the right way to learn and write. It is an honor to study with such intelligent teachers as Pradnya madam, Rekha madam, and Nikhil Sir. My favorite one is Nikhil Sir. I have greatly enjoyed studying with Sir.


Prajakta Pathak, Std. 10: I like the teaching method at Khandekar’s Academy. Pradnya madam teaches Maths very well. Rohini madam makes Sanskrit very interesting.


Yesha K. Desai, Std. 10: In Khandekar’s classes, we experienced the best teaching. The teachers teach beautifully, by giving practical examples. Rohini Ma’m and Pradnya Ma’m are like ‘Goddesses of Knowledge’. They are very kind and loving teachers. They are ready to solve our difficulties or problems at any time. 


Swara Muley, Std. 10: At Khandekar’s, studies did not feel like a burden and felt amazing and easy too. We learnt many things from our teachers and had a golden time with them. Maths became a favourite due to Pradnya madam, Sanskrit was improved due to Rohini madam, Gujarati had less mistakes, thanks to Rekha madam and Nikhil Sir gave a new viewpoint of looking at Economics. So, Khandekar’s Academy taught us to learn and to study.


Pranjali, Std. 10: I feel great coming to Khandekar's Academy. Every teacher is very good at teaching. They teach very calmly and thoroughly. Whatever I am today is all because of this institution.


Priyanka Ekbote, Std. 10: I feel very secure in coming to Khandekar's Academy, and it seems I have selected the perfect coaching class. As I did not join any class from stds. 1 to 7, I did not know how to react in the class. But all the teachers are very supportive and they made me comfortable in the class. I am so glad I am studying at Khandekar's!


Avi Trivedi, Std. 10: Khandekar’s classes have been the best option for me for the last 3 years. The teachers here are highly experienced and are open to questions any time. Your future is bright if you are at Khandekar’s Academy.


Riddhi Jaiswal, Std. 10: Pradnya Madam, of Khandekar’s Academy, is the best teacher - serious at study times but joyful and happy when it’s time to enjoy! Rohini madam is great at teaching both English and Sanskrit. Nikhil Sir provides logical explanations and information on the world around us. I experience a feeling of happiness whenever I enter the classroom. For me, this is the best class ever!  


Yashraj G. Dusane, Std. 10: I have been a student at Khandekar’s for my 8, 9, and 10 std. studies. All the teachers at Khandekar’s Academy are great teachers. Sir is a superb teacher. Khandekar’s Academy teaches students from all schools and offers all major subjects.


Karan D. Kesarkar, Std. 10: All teachers at Khandekar’s classes are great at teaching. Nikhil Sir is very good at explaining with meaningful examples. All the teachers are strict but display excellent behavior.


Ankit M. Agrawal, Std. 10: The method of teaching at Khandekar’s Academy is excellent. If a student works seriously, he or she is guaranteed high scores. There are many rankers studying at Khandekar’s Academy. Students from many schools attend this class.


Nisha M. Talati, Std. 10: I am new to this class, but coming to Khandekar’s Academy has been my best experience. After joining the class, I felt that I could learn new things also. All the teachers here are very good and helpful to students.


Mayur, Std. 10: At Khandekar’s Academy, there are 3 madams and 1 sir. Sir is best. The teachers control all the students very well. We also go for annual picnics. Last year, we went to Vananchal resort.


Pruthvi Uttekar, Std. 10: Pradnya madam is very strict, but Rekha madam is not strict. So the combination of strict and not strict  is very good. In this class, the teachers are very experienced, so they can control the students in a very calm and quiet manner. Nikhil Sir is extraordinary because he is highly experienced and has taught students in colleges also. All teachers at Khandekar’s Academy are strict but have very good behavior with students.


Keshali Pathak, Std. 10: We are very lucky to have this excellent coaching class. Here, all the teachers are very supporting and helpful. Pradnya ma’m is very strict but also has a very helping nature. Rohini Ma’m is also very helpful. The great quality of this class is that they tell us the small mistakes in Grammar and the other subjects, which is very helpful in the exams.


Ishan Chavan, Std. 10: I am proud to be a student of Khandekar’s Academy. I like the teaching of Nikhil Sir very much because he explains the topics very clearly and makes learning and studying great fun. There are 3 madams and 1 sir in this class and all teachers make studies very interesting. 


Ruturaj Khopkar, Std. 10: I have very good experience of studying in Khandekar’s Academy. Teachers are very friendly and kind with us. I have got good guidance and teaching by all teachers, specially Nikhil Sir. Every student is given attention by teachers - whether on first bench or last. I am now confident for the Board Exam because of the teaching method. I have some great memories of Khandekar’s Academy.  

Pankil Parikh, Std. 10: It's an awesome experience being a member of Khandekar's Academy. This is the institute for students who aim to become good thinkers and studious. The experienced teachers of this institute are experts at providing precise explanations of the concepts in each subject. 

Himanshi Shah, Std. 10: Teachers at Khandekar's Academy are always there to clear my doubts. They take care to clear each and every concept. My favorite teacher is Rohini M'am. Here, we are able to easily clear our doubts as all the teachers are very cooperative.




Standard XII - 2013 batch


Pushkaraj M. Joshi, Std. 12:

I have studied here for 2 years. I have had a great experience in being taught English this year. Lots of valuable things about English are also taught here. Sir is very free minded, highly educated, and friendly with all the students. The words that come to my mind are:

Gururbrahma, Gururvishnu, / Gururdevo Maheshwaraha

Gurursakshaat Parabrahma / Tasmaishree Guravenamah


Ameya Y. Mukadam, Std. 12 (stood first in both 10th and 11th): 

I have been here for three years. The teachers here are awesome, and with great experience. The basics of every subject are thoroughly cleared by the teachers. Their teaching style is so that average students can also grasp very easily. The classroom is always a very happy place. The teachers teach with complete dedication.


Rohan N. Pradhan, Std. 12: I studied at Khandekar's Academy for two years (9th and 10th). The coaching style of this institute has been great in my experience. The main motto of all the teachers at Khandekar's Academy is to educate the students well. And I would refer my juniors to come to this institute rather than any other class.


Nihar A. Kamat, Std. 12: The teachers at Khandekar's Academy are really enthusiastic about giving knowledge to the students. Teachers are so friendly, students won't feel the burden of studies at all. They would rather feel that they are discussing with friends and according to me every student needs this type of coaching and students would also never get tired or exhausted because of the pressure of studies and exams.


Vaibhav M. Agrawal, Std. 12: The method of coaching in Khandekar's Academy is different from that of other coaching classes. In the classes only have I learnt everything and at home I have to just go through it once. Here, the teacher gives everything he has and shares with us his experience. He also makes studies great fun. 

It is the best coaching institute in my experience.  


Rushik N. Gandhi, Std. 12: At Khandekar's Academy, we love that all the teachers give knowledge with enjoyment. It is a great institute. Every class taken by Nikhil Sir is enjoyable. I love to come here for the studies as well as for the knowledge.


Harsh K. Mohite, Std. 12: 

The lessons are taught in detail, word to word, and with proper explanation of what the lesson actually means and what it wants to convey. Students can ask questions and have a healthy discussion of the topics being taught. Our teacher is also quite frank with the students, so his teaching becomes very interesting.




Alumni of Khandekar’s Academy:


Khushboo Sharma: I joined the prestigious Khandekar’s Academy when I was in Std. 9, and thus began the journey toward success. Mathematics was a nightmare for me, but now, after having studied here, the concepts are so clear in my mind that it has helped me crack my BBA entrance exam also. Shortcuts and digest were a big no-no for me, which helped in the overall development of my logic. To describe my improvement in words is next to impossible. I am lucky that I was apart of this institute and was equally able to prove my capability. Finally, I wish to thank my teachers at Khandekar’s Academy for helping me build my career at a very crucial stage. Thank you, ma’m!


Neekeetasha Deore: When it comes to teaching Maths and Science, I don’t think anybody can do as well as Pradnya Khandekar Ma’m of Khandekar’s Academy.


Gunja S. Kogje: I dared to choose science because I had done my basics with Khandekar ma’m. In 12th, when I lost all my hopes, she was the one who saw me through my difficulties.

Manali Sapre: At Khandekar's Academy, learning from Pradnya Madam, Rohini Madam, and Nikhil Sir, to summarize in one line, was 'LEARNING WITH JOY'. Education here is not only for passing the exams but to construct a strong base to support further academic endeavour by the student. I used to miss many lectures on account of my tournaments ... but the teachers helped me make up for the absence. Madam answered all of my numerous doubts with great patience. I owe it to all these teachers for building my strong academic base. The comfort level with the teachers is such that even after completing my studies, even today, I do not have the slightest hesitation to contact Pradnya Madam and Rohini Madam.

Harshal Sapre: It was a great, homely experience for me at Khandekar's Academy, Pradnya madam's class. We were all give equal importance with special care. We found here support for our extra-curricular skills as well. Pradnya Madam was always full of easy and quick teaching methods, which helped me clear a lot of my basics in Maths and Science. Nikhil Sir always taught in a very jolly manner, giving practical examples and I always loved attending his classes.